Recently completed working as VFX Supervisor on the Australian feature film "Ladies In Black" directed by Bruce Beresford. The film is set in Sydney 1959 and is a statement about the explosion of immigration and changing attitudes at that time in the country's development.


Working with Mirage VFX in Sydney we created a range of extraordinary shots including the hero building and intesection as  100% CG, integrated CG / live action, set extensions, sky replacements and period reversion.

AUSTRALIA: The Story Of Us

Worked as CGI Supervisor with four VFX houses in Manila to produce the majority of the CGI and visual effects shots for this 8 episode TV series for Essential Media & Entertainment.


The series was commissioned by the Seven Network in Australia and aired during March / April 2015. The docu-drama format for "The Story of Us" was originally created by Jane Root's production company Nutopia.


6-part TV Series produced by Essential Media for Channel 10


In this series Todd Sampson explores several scenarios where people are pushing their bodies to extreme limits.

Ink Project created to graphic style and elements for the series and I produced hundreds of variations for multiple

versions, metric and imperial, alternative options for different backgrounds etc.


For this feature film I worked through Soundfirm in Sydney to produce the opening title sequence, the closing credits and also the 20 or so visual effects shots in the film.


The movie was shot entirely on RED and in addition to the vfx work I was involved in the data management pipeline for Soundfirm which handled all of the post production, editing, sound and colour correction.


Post-Production Supervisor on the ABC3 TV series My:24 for Essential Media & Entertainment. This was a complex production featuring 26 Twenty-six young people from around Australia who tell their stories about the day that changed their lives forever, and how the events of 24 hours can fundamentally change attitudes and aspirations.

AUSTRALIA: The Time Traveller's Guide

Produced by Essential Media & Entertainment this landmark 4 episode production involved many visual effects and CGI sequences. My role was to develop some of the motion visual effects concepts and also involved roto, compositing, and some Cinema 4D work, as well as technical advice and file management. The series was post-produced at Two Dogs in Sydney.

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars

EMMY Nomination, mini-series

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